Additional Resources

Check out this pro-transit article that is forced to admit that transit ridership is DOWN across the country.

Click HERE to view a pdf copy of the contract that Gwinnett has signed with MARTA.

Click HERE to view a searchable text version of the plan we created for our website.

HERE is the pro-MARTA transit plan that you paid for with $900,000 of your tax dollars.

Here are a few Facebook groups opposed to the MARTA expansion.  Please Like and Share:

The MARTA Hoax – Another website with information you should read before you vote

MARTA Audits Raise Questions About Expansion Projects – 

MARTA Vote by Steve Brown –  A great video –

Bonus Material:

Big Brother?  Have you noticed all the cameras that have been installed around the county?  You man be surprised to discover that the transportation folks at Gwinnett County (the same people who want to let MARTA take over our transportation) are watching almost everywhere you drive in Gwinnett.  Click HERE to see some of what the camera sees.  How are these images being used?

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